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Kuala Lumpur Plant – Chan Sow Lin


Twin Outlet, Wet Process, Fully Automated Batching Plant of 160m³/hour at Jalan 2, Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin, Kuala Lumpur.


All moving materials are kept within enclosed condition. Dust generated from mixing is allowed ample space to settle within the enclosed structure and only clean air is returned to the atmosphere. We set new standard on pollution control for this industry.


Coarse and fine aggregate are kept within the enclosed warehouse to minimize dust pollution.


Operation supported by 25 numbers of mixer trucks to ensure timely delivery.


Control room located on elevated platform to improve overall view of the operator, thus enabling better control of overall operations.


Fully computerised batching system to ensure accurate batching of concrete as per customers’ orders, and for precise quality control purposes.

Megamix Chan Sow Lin Plant